Our mission is to increase the profitability and successful staging of all planned fundraising activities carried out by the Marketing Seminar Group 2010 by ensuring the effective flow of goods, information and other logistical resources from point of origin to consumption.  We are committed to continuous improvement in our abilities to provide the best quality, professional finished decorations, using the most cost efficient materials and creative ideas available.  Through our teams combined effort, experience, talents and skills, we aim to continuously satisfy the needs of our fellow committees and Marketing Seminar as a whole and by extension, add value for our most important and valued asset “our customers”.


  • Provides logistics support for all Seminar events, fundraising activities and Marketing Seminar day
  • Coordinates  storage of goods, supplies, tools, equipment(Appoint a Storage Officer)
  • Coordinate set-up and clean-up operations
  • Develop work schedule for Seminar Members (Appoint a Scheduling Officer)
  • Arrange room for Seminar meetings- P.A. system, laptop, projector, chair, tables
  •  Ensure proper décor and cleanliness of rooms, work area etc. – table cloth, floral decoration etc
  • Responsible for the bookings of all facilities equipment required for use by seminar members-including conference venue and luncheon facilitates etc.
  • Responsible for arranging transportation for seminar participants, seminar members, presenters or any special guests to the seminar and other major events
  • Develop transportation system for the day to day operations of seminar ( Appoint Transportation Manager)
  • Responsible for decoration for all events, functions, Seminar-developing colour scheme, themes etc.

Committee Members

Roxanne Lewis (Chairman Décor)
Natalie Martin (Co-Chair Décor)
Andrew Rose (Chairman Logistics)
Damion Scott (Co-Chair Logistics)
Troy-Ann McIntosh (Seceratary)
Deanna Edwards      
David Duhaney      
Ricardo Gayle      
Monique Reid     
Shameion Phillips      
Cordell Johnson      
Katherine Rodriguez      
Kerida Beaton      
Alicia Gayle      
Shuraine Bayliss      
Kelly-Ann Campbell      
Deborah Ricketts      
Tirzah Mahabeer