The Research Committee of Marketing Seminar 2010 is committed to delivering informed and timely critical information, based on industry knowledge, an understanding of our target audience and genuine enthusiasm for what we do.   This will enhance the development of ideas and growth strategies of the seminar group. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge and the application of that knowledge.


  • Brainstorm, research and finalize theme for Marketing Seminar
  • Develop and research related subtopics
  • Contact and secure Speakers for Seminar
  • Coordinate and conduct market research for presentation at Seminar
  • Develop and analyze evaluation forms for Seminar
  • Identify appropriate Presenters and participants for Seminar day activities
  • Prepare data and profile of Presenters
  • Coordinate Current issue in Marketing sessions in tutorials

Committee Members

Romane Knight (Chairperson)
Christine White Davis-Kelly (Co-Chair)
Antoinette Francis (Secretary)
Shanae Spence
Analisee Richards
Nickola Burt  
Shana Hewett 

Romane Knight
Charlene Campbell
Kadian Dennie