Co-Chairperson's Message

Hey, what’s crackalacking (clears throat)…uhm let’s start this again (whispering: “this is not becoming of the Co-Chair”)

Hi Everyone,

These past few months have been quite challenging to say the least, but with each activity completed, feel so much more rewarding. Seeing the ideas put forward become realities, after all the hard work, and hearing how good the event was from a patron or even someone who regrettably missed them, made it even more worthwhile.

Let us not forget the lessons we have learnt on this journey. For those of us who have risen to challenges of leading a project team or committee, let us not forget the various methods we may have had to try to get it to work. For the members of the teams who had various responsibilities, let us not forget the sacrifices we have had to make to complete our tasks.

Most importantly, let us not forget where we are coming from – basic and for some a little more knowledge of how to plan, organize, execute – and where we are – aware of mistakes and lessons which will richly enhance our lives as we move beyond Marketing Seminar.

I implore each of you to think about the experiences you have had during the journey and remember “each one teach one.” Come next year a new group will fill our shoes, and though we know we are quite the innovators (Boasy Thursdays, Colour Cruise and Celebrity Auction) in terms of our ideas…let us remember that we are also to make ourselves available to guide or successors.

Remember you are a brand…yes YOU…as in each individual…each of us. Some have monikers; some have a reputation as the best in something, some have yet to be known. What is your brand and what does it represent? Ask yourself those questions and remember the answers in your endeavors.
You all know I am a sucker for quotes (please take your minds out of the gutter thanks) and so I leave you with this one from Dwight Eisenhower: “The qualities of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.”

Love & Peace & Music…although if you lack the first two just listen to some of the latter and you are bound to develop them.