To ensure the Marketing seminar’s financial affairs are conducted with prudence, the Finance Committee is pivoted on the principles of honesty, transparency and accountability; these are the guarantees you can count on!


  • Responsible for preparation of budget for Seminar
  • Responsible for the management of all funds raised and donations made
  • Provide full accountability for financial responsibilities of the Seminar group
  • Develop proper system for funds request and procurement
  • Determine prices and develop price lists for goods, items, services etc.
  • Determine the pricing of tickets for events along with the CRM committee

Committee Members

James Haylett (Chairman)
Erica Stephen (Co-Chair)
Deryck Francis
Caresa Pink
Marsha Lemon
Max Johnson
Kareen Howell
Glenisha Tomlinson
Garette Buchanan
Carolyn Mullings
Swady-Ann Steadman