Chairperson's Message

  Greetings and peace profound!  It has been an exciting and eventful journey in this the 29th staging of the University of Technology’s Annual Marketing Seminar.  Having been told of the rich and fruitful legacy of the seminar throughout our tenure at UTech coming up we, the group of 2010 have sought to not only honour this legacy through all our efforts but to take the seminar to higher heights through the revolutionizing of the seminar and its’ meaning while impressing upon our successors and other counterparts the deep-seated culture and value that has been paved through us and the preceding groups at large.

Indeed, we have held true to our claim through the provision of novel product offerings such as our “Boasy Thursdayz” events that has left word of Marketing Seminar lingering on the lips of our valued customers and has even created a Marketing Seminar sub-brand in and of itself, as well as a never before done event, our boat ride “The Ultimate Colour Cruise” which was also proved to be a tremendous success.

Despite our efforts in providing new and exciting products and services to our customers we certainly did not neglect our “oldies but goodies” pioneering events and held in true Marketing Seminar style another successful staging of the Miss Business Administration (Miss Biz-Ad) Pageant, the title now held by a nascent third year student Shantaeva Lathan, who already continues to hold the torch high.

To the Marketing Seminar groups to come, my sincerest hope is that your group holds within it persons that are as dynamic, creative and empowered as we are, because that is truly the base of your success. To the leaders who will be elected, enter the seminar knowing that it is a challenge to which you will rise to the occasion and come out not only undefeated but triumphant. And to the future Chairman, you are the glue that binds the voice that motivates and the tower of strength for your group. Embark upon this journey with a mindset of success and you have already won.

To our esteemed sponsors, the group could never have seen the success it has and will continue to see without you.  Many thanks for your continued support and assistance for which we are truly appreciative and we trust that the relationships forged will not just hold true for this seminar but beyond it, as we continue to engage Strategic Marketing…stimulating growth and sustaining development in declining markets.

God Bless!