Vice Chairperson's Message


We entered Marketing Seminar 2010 as apprentices charged with the theoretical intellect to undertake a mission of excellence which would award us with the right to call ourselves accomplished Marketers.

We initiated the journey with basic knowledge of how to plan and organize events and make them a success using the tools engraved in our brains by our lecturers. First event we got lucky; overwhelmed with joy we thought we could accomplish any given task no matter the level of difficulty. We fell short of our expectations in the other events, but, just like honourable soldiers we did not lay face down and accept defeat. We recovered and learned from our mistakes.

I have seen great improvement in areas where we were once incapable of performing competently such as planning and communicating. Until this day I remember the five word phrase for success quoted by facilitator, the acclaimed Ms. Petula White: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” I urge us all to utilize this phrase in whatever task we are given. Let us rejoice as our journey is almost over. Let us work together to make Marketing Seminar 2009-10 a historical success story as it is Our Seminar, Our Grade, Our Future.