About Us

The Marketing Seminar, an idea conceptualized and born in 1983 out of the vision of the late Lloyd Edwards, a lecturer at the University of Technology, Jamaica. The course acts as a capstone program for Marketing majors and serves as a medium through which Marketing scholars can engage in the exchange of new Marketing knowledge, practices and principles with other Marketing scholars, professionals and other publics.  

This course seeks to utilize the many functions of marketing and apply them in planning, organizing and executing fundraising activities in order to stage the ultimate Marketing Seminar. It’s very important to note that this is the largest annual student run event of the University of Technology, Jamaica. Equally as important is that the seminar has an indelible reputation in Jamaica as this year’s staging of the seminar marks the 29th year of its existence. This seminar has attracted an extensive cadre of speakers, some of whom are, the Most Honorable Edward George Seaga- Former Prime Minister of Jamaica and the Honorable Bruce Golding Prime Minister of Jamaica.

This year’s theme for the seminar is, “Strategic Marketing: Stimulating Growth and Sustaining Development in Declining Markets.” This event will be held at the Jamaica Conference Centre on April 8,2010, the registration process begins at 8:00 a.m. The caliber of speakers for this year’s seminar are very reputable in corporate Jamaica, thus speaks volume to the agility of mind and nimbleness of thought that will be in action, it promises to be an Intellectually enriching experience.