We the Marketing Seminar group would not have been able to successfully undertake most if not all our events if it were not for the Generosity of the many sponsors that extended their hearts and wallets to assist us in this the 29th year of Utech Marketing Seminar.

We would like to use this medium to express and acknowledge how grateful and appreciative we are for your much needed assistance. Without the many donations, be it cash or kind we are thankful, and Marketing Seminar 2010 would not have been on the lips of everyone who attended our events without your support, and for that we say a special Thank You.

We would like to thank our fantastic facilitators Mr. Nigel McFarlane, Ms. Petula White, Mr. Everet Hyatt and Ms. Joan Lawla who provided us with their keen insights, intellects and experiences, which proved to be of great help to us. Without their guidance, persistence and sometimes sternness, we would not have been brave enough; however, we have succeeded and are proud to say, this is one the best marketing groups.

To all the hardworking members of the seminar group who have demonstrated their diverse skills, commitment and professionalism during moments of extreme pressures, we thank you. To the Marketing Seminar 2010 committee’s, thank you for working hard in a unified, spirited, focused manner that displayed the mindset of marketing entrepreneurs.

Thank you to one and all for your contributions and support, because of you, we have successfully completed this course and can finally call ourselves, Marketers.