Seminar Theme

Strategic Marketing: Stimulating Growth and Sustaining Development in declining markets



Mr. Everett Hyatt is the newest member on the team of facilitators for Marketing Seminar 2010. He is competent in carrying out his duties as a facilitator as he holds BSC Agriculture at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine and MBA in Marketing, MSB at UWI. He started working at the University of Technology, Jamaica as a full time lecturer in the Marketing Division. He lectures courses such as Fundamental of Marketing, Global Marketing and Marketing Operations. He believes that the Marketing Seminar presents an excellent opportunity for students to showcase what they have learnt over the years as students of marketing. Students are exposed to many of the rigors of what life is like on the job. The responsibility to plan properly and to execute programs effectively and timely is no less than what will be expected of them in the world of work.

Upon completion they are expected to be much more aware, confident and better prepared to make decisions, either in the commercial sector or to further their studies. He also believes that marketing seminar challenges the students to prove that they are worthy to be called marketers. It helps them to work in a team and achieve their stated objectives. Students not only learn how to be smart and productive under pressure but most importantly, at the end of the program they are expected to be professional ladies and gentlemen. In addition, students participating in this program are expected to be highly competent, aware and confident. Future employers will no doubt benefit because of the rigors and completeness in training that marketing seminar exposes the students to. 

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